Sunday, June 22, 2014

He's Not Cute. He's a Criminal


No, seriously y'all.

Stop saying he is good looking. 
Stop sharing his picture.
Stop giving this criminal attention he shouldn't be getting.
Just. Stop.

The guy has nice eyes.
So does Jesse Williams from Grey's Anatomy. 
And guess fucking what? 


Now isn't he yummy!
And believe it or not, but he doesn't have a laundry list of criminal offenses. Something they both have in common?  Same complexion. Same beautiful eyes. But it stops there.

But the bigger problem is the message this is sending to our daughters. And I am not talking about little girls the age of my daughter. I am talking about the tweens, and teens with internet access and new found puberty. 

Well all the other women on the internet think he is sexy... so he must be, right?

He is just misunderstood.

Everyone deserves a second chance.

All correct. Until you realize this guy has had a second, third, fourth, and who knows how many chances. 

Get Your Shit Together Dude!

Now, because I just have to...

Nice Shitty Neck Tattoo.

Moral of the story, ladies?
Stop judging a book by its cover.
Sometimes... just sometimes... it is a cat turd wrapped in gold teeth and bad tattoos.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Where to Start?

Once upon a time... I was a parenting blogger.
Yes, this smut siren wrote a parenting blog... even wrote for one of the largest parenting websites on the net at the time, which is now owned by Disney.
I guess my tag line could totally be from Disney to Dildos... but I would probably end up sued.

What I would like to point out?
  • Then? Frumpy mom hair. Now? Purple. Because that is really me.
  • Then? Blind because I could never find my glasses.
  • Then? Less ink. 
  • Then? I was so focused on being a mother I never took time for myself. It was unhealthy. My life revolved around kids 24/7 and it took a toll on me.
I think a lot of mothers get into that rut, almost feeling bad or guilty to take time for themselves because what kind of mother would do that?

The answer? At least in my opinion? A good mother. I feel like today, even with a booming career, travel, and all the craziness that packs into our lives on a daily basis; I am by far a better mother than I was during that time. 

This time last year I left behind my blog, a job as the community manager of The Broad Side, and my last writing gig for so I could pursue my novel writing. 

One year. 
Five solo novels.
Two novellas.
Two collaboration novels.
Two best sellers.
And a half dozen public book signings...

I like to think I made the right choice. 
But, I do miss writing about motherhood or current events.

Sometimes, I just want to write my opinion instead of fiction. 
Which is why I started this side blog. 
Nothing fancy, and god only knows how often I will take the time to update it.

But, this is my place to chat... rant and rave... or just post an awesome picture of my kids as they grow. 

I am Dawn Robertson... 
This is my life.